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Client Information

Client Information for MedCare Specialists

MedCare Specialists can help get your employee back on the job – quicker – through our comprehensive occupational health services. Below is client information to help you prepare for your partnership with MedCare Specialists.

MedCare Specialists Client Information

Client Registration

We value our partnership with our clients and want you to be an active participant in creating the best occupational health program for your employees. We offer onsite visits and phone consultations to answer any questions and to make sure you understand the services we provide. Below are forms to help you establish an account with us or send your employee for treatment.

These forms should be filled out and brought with your employee or faxed to us in advance.

Please have your employee arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment. Bring the following:

  • Valid government-issued photo ID
  • Your completed registration or consent forms

Call Us for More Information

We’re accepting new clients. For more information about our occupational health services, call (865) 374-3374. Here’s more information about our office.

Tina Kirkland, Supervisor
Phone: (865) 374-3351

Dwayne Cook, Occupational Services Coordinator
Phone: (865) 374-3316

Fax: (865) 374-2106